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Developing the Big Picture

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Our dreams are usually big and often seem unachievable which make them stay just that way – dreams. How do dreams become reality? How do we get to that big goal of ours? Sometimes, the mere thought of standing out, chasing that dream paralyses us and keeps us from doing anything about those goals.

Let’s break it down. What is the first step to reach that target? 

The first step. 

Taking that first, purposeful small step. 

And taking those baby steps each day instead of finding excuses. 

Doing something aimed at that outcome that will take you an inch closer. 

Not starting a pity party about our predicament. 

And not letting the “can’t-be-done” attitude get the better of you. 

Start small and commit to a little practice every day. In other words, focus on the daily journey and the journey will take you not just to your intended destination but even beyond.

Little movements create momentum! Keeping the momentum will take you to the monumental mountain! 

The late coach, John Wooden, American basketball player and coach of the University of California, Los Angeles said this : “When you improve a little each day, eventually, big things occur…” 

Let that be your guide. Find motivations in the small achievements. Don’t hold yourself back. Push yourself forward. Let it drive you. Don’t try to make quick big changes. Celebrate the small feats and take the stride for the next one quickly. Find allies. Be the cheerleader for one another. If there is none cheering for you, be your own cheerleader. Learn to love yourself and pat yourself for all the right things you do. Keep moving in the direction of your goal even when some hurdles show up and block your path. Make the jump. Take a detour. Keep doing those things that will take you to your dream. It’s not always about the big goal but rather, just the next smallest step that you can take without failing. Have your eyes firmly on the goal. As you move towards it, it will come forward to you. 

As an aspiring immigrant, what were the smallest steps you took to get here? 

Now that you are here, give wings to those dreams. 

Start it now!

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