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Covid-19 Vaccine: Live Responsibly

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Albertans never saw this coming.

Prior to this time, precisely on July 1, 2021, the province of Alberta welcomed the removal of almost all public health measures. The pandemic was going to be treated as endemic we could live with. Unfortunately, that may have led to the fourth wave sweeping through the whole of Alberta right now. Alberta was open for summer but appears to be getting ready to close for winter.

About 900 COVID-19 patients have filled bed spaces across Alberta, with an ever increasing over 200 of the number in intensive care units.

Scary and disturbing!

More worrisome is the revelation that ninety-one percent of ICU patients are not fully vaccinated. And in the coming days if the Critical Care Triage Framework is activated, Alberta may begin as a last resort, to prioritize patients if it does not have the resources to treat all those who need care.

We are hopeful that we do not get to that!

Hence the declaration of a state of public health emergency following the disturbing news that Alberta with population size just one third that of Ontario, now has more than twice the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations than Ontario. (read the full text of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s news conference here.)

Act responsibly!

COVID-19 is not just about you.

What you do or don’t do currently unfortunately, has spiraling effects. When you protect yourself, you end up protecting others, and that is vice versa.

Alberta was open for summer but appears to be getting ready to close for winter.

The world has never succeeded in wishing any pandemic away. Throughout history, vaccines and their deployment have been key in managing pandemic prevention and management. Measles, mumps, HPV and other viruses are easy references.

Granted that there are so many conspiracy theories out there. It’s time we moved away from them and be more proactive.

Let’s all go out and get protected.


Mask up!

Space up!

Get vaccinated!

All it takes is one shot per time, per person.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Thrive Conference 2021.

Written by Yinka Bakare.

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