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COVID-19: Not Every Bird Must Perch on Your Rooftop

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It has been established that there is a strong connection between our brain and the strength of our immune system. With sadness and other negative feelings come an increased susceptibility to infection, sicknesses and the likes. When the feeling is right, the body responds more positively and is able to fight and ward off invasion.

There is a huge burden of responsibility on each person to guard our minds with all diligence. Filter every information and ingest only the ones that serve you better. In these tough times, The Immigrant Life brings you tips to help you protect yourself from going berserk.

Don’t allow a temporary situation to bring about permanent challenges to your life. When COVID is long gone, you don’t want to be battling health issues caused by your (mis)handling of the situation, anxiety and fear.

  • Stay positive: Always look for the silver lining behind every dark cloud. It’s all a matter of perception. How do you see the situation? How do you allow it to affect you? Isn’t there much around you that you should be grateful for? You are alive! Be thankful for that. You have provisions, family, friends, access to healthcare, and so on. Those are enough reasons to be thankful. It could be worse. You could have died from that COVID-19 infection or have worse. You could be hanging between death and life right now. So, regardless of the physical or social situation right now, we can still stay positive and be thankful.
  • Understand your personality: The key to being a good gatekeeper of your heart is to determine how easily you are affected by different kinds of news. If you are someone that gets easily affected by negative news, by all means, avoid the source of negativity. And that includes social media, television, newspapers, magazines and others. You can’t stay totally away from them all. But be selective. Cut back on the time you spend on them. Avoiding negative vibes is key to your survival.
  • Get informed only through credible sources: There are lots of conspiracy theories out there. For instance, so much is being said about why you shouldn’t take the COVID vaccine. The information out there is as manipulative as much as it is informative. Afterall, this isn’t the first vaccine ever developed to combat viruses and bacteria. Why should this be different? So, choose your sources wisely. There are dedicated government sources that you can visit for authentic updates and understand that much of your survival and existence is due to the advances in science and medicine.
  • Acknowledge the temporary nature of the pandemic: Realize that it doesn’t matter how dire the situation is, this too shall pass. It’ll soon become history just like it was with the 1918 flu. Put things in the right perspective even if you don’t know when or how it will go away. It could take weeks, months, years. It is still temporary. Don’t allow a temporary situation to bring about permanent challenges to your life. When COVID is long gone, you don’t want to be battling health issues caused by anxiety and fear. So, take it all in your stride.
  • Protect yourself: Do all within your capability to protect yourself and your loved ones from contracting the virus. It’s not your job to keep everybody safe. But it is in your power to protect those in your sphere of influence. Do your bit and let everyone else do theirs.
  • Maintain social contact: It isn’t the same as physical contact. That means that you can still relate with people using the available means of communication even if you can’t physically. You can’t afford to not have a good phone or other communication gadgets. Use whichever works for you.
  • Pray! It is instructive. Pray for yourself. Pray for your family. Pray for humanity. Pray for others. Prayer keeps us hopeful. It helps us not to feel so despondent after all. Prayer brings healing and healing is just what the world needs right now.

We would like to hear about how you are maintaining sanity in the midst of the pandemic. Share tips with others in the community via: https://immigrantlife.ca/community

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Written by Yinka Bakare.

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