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Connecting to Your Spiritual Self

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To know your essence and be resilient, connect with the higher power, whoever or whatever that is to you.

This piece is about the REAL YOU!

It isn’t the kind of write-up you’ll expect to see in here. But we are committed to seeing every first generation Canadian be the best she (and that also means ‘he’ or any pronoun you prefer) can be, thrive and be the solution to another’s problem.
The Real Me defined
Man’s hunger and search for meaning, for the definition of worth and essence, can be traced to the spiritual. It is not a random feeling. It is deeply rooted in our being and takes us forever on the move, from one conquest to another. It is at the core of our insatiability and our quest for more.

Man is essentially tri-une – a spirit being encased in a physical body, having a mind or soul to process information. The real me that is, my true self is actually spiritual. And that spiritual part of me is in a physical body. The physical body is just one component of who I am. It is the part of me that can be destroyed. My soul is what connects my spirit and body.

A general discovery through reading books, interactions with people and other sources, is that until we connect with our spirituality, we more often than not, continue to struggle to fill that void. More broadly speaking, a connection with our maker will fill the seeming void. And a disconnect will fill the void with all sorts of other things until we understand the purpose of our existence and how we can leverage our true self. Until then, we cannot truly flourish, make a difference in this world and feel fulfilled about life.

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. Friedrich Nietzsche

Getting Back to Safe Harbor
Isn’t it assuring that when we acquire a new gadget and we are unfamiliar with its operations, the first thing we think about is consulting the manufacturer’s manual or guide? By extension, we can visit the company website for product demonstration and other information that can help us out. In essence, meaning is derived from the source! Profound, isn’t it?

Think of it this way…

The only person who knows why a thing or being exists is the creator of that thing or being. It goes, therefore, without saying that it is important for an individual to connect with the person who knows his reason for living.

As humans, whether immigrants or native-born, we all have a source. This source has our “why” for existing. Myles Munroe, Bahamian evangelist, said it repeatedly in trying to define purpose that when the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.

Your why is not in a new degree, a new marriage, a career, new house or other possessions. It is not in our certificates, our assets, our relationships, our achievements. It is not also in whether we are Canadians or Americans, neither is it in our heritage, beauty, health or other tangible things. Trying to derive our meaning from those things will make us the most miserable of all men. When those things don’t become reality or when they are lost, the result is self-pity, erosion of self-identity and loss of internal strength.

As immigrants, we face challenges. What keeps us afloat is our spirituality. It helps us move on and retry and never give up.

The Conclusion
To know your essence and be resilient, connect with the higher power, whoever or whatever that is to you. This is not about the God of the Bible (even though I believe Him to be my source). Some believe in Buddha, some in meditation, some in Allah, some in divine forces. Connecting yourself to something larger than the material will make our being more meaningful. Then, and only then, can you truly thrive and make impact.

Welcome to the New You!

Excerpted from Episode 68 of The Immigrant Life Podcast.
Listen & Be a part.

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