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Combining Work and Study in Canada

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The decisions we take in life most often are taken with what our situation at that instant is. However, all these decisions have consequences, and we might never be free of those consequences. For every new immigrant, there is always a decision to be taken. Do you want to dive right into work? Do you want to study? Or, as most often do, would you prefer to do both? Deciding to combine schooling and work, either full time or part-time, is a choice most make for it is the most pragmatic thing to do. The need to make an earning for livelihood while enhancing your academic qualifications and learning new skills is justified. 

However, it comes with a price. It is best, therefore, to consider various factors before taking the leap. 

ILP provides you the checklist to make that choice easier for you. 

  • Schooling in any form, on-line or in-person, will demand a lot from you. Are you prepared to put in that time and energy into it?
  • Are you prepared for the long haul? We are talking about your finances.
  • How much are you willing to pay for that academic degree or for the school project? 
  • Will you still be able to take care of the needs of your family while studying?
  • You must not lose sight of your work. Remember, you have to deliver at work and going to school will not be an excuse for under-performance. 
  • What about certain family commitments such as taking care of the kids while the spouse is at work. Would you be able to do that!

When it comes to making these kinds of decisions, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Your interests, abilities and circumstances will remain the determinant factor. Most immigrants come prepared to do the hard-work and take on both jobs and studies in order to settle down comfortably in a few years. And that is the right thing to do if you are cut-out for it. It is possible to be successful doing both. It is important to take this plunge understanding that this will require a lot of sacrifices on your part and from your family too.

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