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When Nadine Stille decided to move to Canada, she knew the importance of networking and finding people who hold similar interests and values as herself. She got working right away.

She met people whose vibes matched hers. She built strong relationships with them; however, those did not result in opening opportunities for her which she was prepared for. Networks for her are, “not about giving me a job but building relationships.”

Nadine was born in Germany but has lived all over Europe over the last 15 years before she made Canada her home in 2018 when she came to live with her husband ending the long-distance relationship that they had been in. For her, home is now Vancouver, Canada even though nostalgia for Germany is there.

She’s an adept immigrant who is all too familiar with the initial euphoria and anxiety and lashes of misery that comes with settling in a new place. In Canada though, she had to make multiple adjustments – she was starting a life in a new country, with her husband and soon after became a mother which took it to another level. However, thanks to her experiences in different countries and cultures, she knew how to accommodate and move – it’s either live or leave. “You can either live where you’ve moved or turn around and go. If you are staying, it cannot be in misery.”

In trying to create a network for herself she knew she’d achieved something larger – she had formed a tribe. A tribe that had much more to offer to her and to others like her. That gave birth to CoachMe which she reckoned was something that people were searching for. “Through all the networking and events that I had attended I realized that I have a lot of coaches in my network,” she says. “People want more from life, don’t know what they want or how to seek it.” CoachMe was the bridge that was necessary to connect the seekers with those who had the knowledge and competency to see them through.

“In trying to create a network for herself Nadine knew she’d achieved something larger – she had formed a tribe. A tribe that had much more to offer to her and to others like her.”

She initially started the coaching through podcast where she’d bring coaches to discuss the hurdles of life and navigating past them which paved the path for events where people could meet face-to-face. When the pandemic hit, CoachMe swiftly moved its services online through free events that raised funds for food banks in Vancouver. The motive behind CoachMe is simple yet profound – to find ways for every individual to make it a better place for everyone else. “There’s always something you can do. It does not have to be massive. Sometimes it is listening to someone, acknowledging someone, hugging someone (when possible) and connecting someone with someone else.” She understands the impact that these small gestures can have. “Kindness does not cost you anything.”

Canada means diversity to Nadine. Diversity that’s brought by the immigrants who made it their home far from the land they were born. The immigrants also, however, bring with them the hesitancy and doubts about themselves and their abilities. Nadine and her CoachMe team help look beyond the doubts and explore the possibilities by asking the right questions that will influence the outcome. “It is not what I cannot do or I am not good enough or fast enough. It is what I am, what can I do.” It’s all in the mindset, she says. Having the right way of thinking and looking at a problem will help you live a life of purpose.

Going into the business was not easy as with any business but Nadine knew that finding her passion was only one step in that calling for her. The next step was to do what it takes and make it a reality. “It ticked all the boxes that I desired,” which left her with only one option – to pursue it. She did it with resolute determination. “This is what I am passionate about. I don’t go around looking for what’s in it for me.”

When it comes to thinking about and for immigrants, Nadine sees how immigrants can make it work in a new place. “You are not immigrating because you want the worse life for yourself. You moved to an unknown seeking a purpose, so you are going to make sure that you are going to use everything in your power to make this work.” Immigrants bring with them the drive which will help them arise from any roadblocks they might hit and keep on persevering. “Things can take a while, and despite setbacks and challenges we continue to learn and grow,” she prescribes everyone to keep pushing through each day and reaching out to immigrant life community for resources that are of immense help. “Reach out to the community that you are a part of. You’ve made it so far. Now go further.”

Issues of equality and diversity are important to Nadine. She will be cheering for all Canadians. “I’m dedicated to making our diverse communities an even better place to be. I listen, I learn and see what I can do from my side to be supportive to those who are doing their jobs.”

To meet more incredible immigrants like Nadine, join the immigrant life community by clicking here.

About Nadine Stille:
Mama, Founder, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Community Creator, Podcaster – Nadine is all of these and more. What connects them is her personal mission to bring diverse people together and to help them thrive. She is dedicated to making our community an even better place to be by combining her passions of learning, growth, support, and connecting people with each other, and also with resources.

Nadine draws from her diverse knowledge, experience, and skills gained through over 15 years of international work experience, in 6 different countries, across different sectors in both small and global companies.

“Everybody deserves to thrive and shine!”

Find out more about Nadine’s CoachMe and connect with her on Instagram.

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