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Considering Canada?

If you are someone contemplating your move to Canada or a new immigrant who is settled in Canada you must have thought about what...

Coffee With Marigold And Lily.

In this episode of The Immigrant Life podcast, we bring you a mother-daughter duo whose life stories and achievements will not only inspire you...

Taking Control of Your Life.

Welcome to a new edition of The Immigrant Life podcast where you hear the stories and experiences of first generation immigrants to Canada and...

101 Learned Lessons On Immigrant Life Journey.

It’s been said that “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” We all have our life happening while we are making...

The Truth About Credit Cards that Creditors Don’t Want You to Know.

In this episode, John Smith (not his real name) exposes the ugly truth about credit cards which pushed him to bankruptcy. As a young...

It Has Been A Struggle But It’s Worth It – Ayesha Qureshi

Ayesha led a protected life back in her native Pakistan. When she left her home in 2012 to join her husband in Canada, she...

How I Had A Smooth Canadian Narrative – Will Zhang.

Walking down any street in most Canadian cities you will meet immigrants at every corner. Yet no two immigrant stories are the same. In...

Surviving Unstable Times.

When Emmanuel Olusuyi moved to Canada with a recognized degree and working experience to boot, he thought the struggle to get into his professional...
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