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Canada’s Workforce Is Hopeful.

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The pandemic, lack of mobility and economic lull is not making the Canadian workforce all that dull. In fact, it is looking a lot more optimistic than one would have imagined. According to LinkedIn’s overall Workforce Confidence Index the overall confidence is rising, some cities doing better than others. 

Montreal and Vancouver stood out as the workers in these cities feel more secure in their jobs and career prospects. The workforce in marketing, accounting, finance, community and social services and media and communication is finding the possibilities of progress in careers promising. Healthcare workers, at the front line of the pandemic, however, do not see better prospects of their career growth. 

This trend of growth was visible in software, insurance, finance and banking industries whereas the healthcare industry and its workers are feeling the burden of the pandemic the worst. Hospital and healthcare workers are unsure of the industry they serve and their career growth. “Canada’s healthcare workers are clearly turning pessimistic about their careers and employers,” said the report. 

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