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Be Passionate but be on Guard.

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You are most vulnerable when your passion is engaged.

Passion is a lot of things and makes you do what you never envisaged. 

Passion makes you lose yourself in what you do.

Passion makes you lose sense of time.

Passion makes you look beyond yourself.

Passion makes you selfless.

Certainly, I am a passionate person.

I know.

I give my engagements my all

I enjoy most of what I do.

Except bookkeeping.

Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

My transactions are 99.99% electronic and I hired a bookkeeper to manage the details. (No, I won’t learn how to do it!)

I also love passionate people.

That point of hesitation before taking a decision is the borderline you must recognize.

I smell them from afar and I love to connect with them.

I love to have them in my network.

It accounts for a good number of my LinkedIn connections.

I observe and when I see what I like, I engage.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

I’ll request to connect with you.

Many years ago, I met this passionate soul.

Very passionate.

A while later, this man hit troubled waters financially and approached me for help.

He asked for a quick loan.

My passion for and connection with him took the best of me.

And so, even though I didn’t have, I borrowed on his behalf.

And offered him the loan that he requested.

It was a sizeable amount.


When it was payback time, he came up with stories that touch the heart.

After a while, I gave up.

I simply paid back the loan personally.

Perhaps, he sincerely couldn’t afford to pay back as planned. 

But HOW did he handle the situation?

He ghosted me!

All my calls went to voicemail.

Messages were never returned or acknowledged.

Emails landed in a rabbit hole.

Lessons learned (the hard way, maybe).

But I still help.

I won’t change who I am because of a bad experience.

However, I no longer do loans.

I give whatever I can afford to lose.

So, I say, “Here, take this. Don’t worry about paying me back.”

But even that is now one in a million.

Now, I focus on charities that I believe in and trust.

And invest in social missions that are dear to my heart.

That is where my charitable heart finds expression now.

And I have never been happier and more fulfilled.

I love my life!

Note however…

Whenever your passion is on display, be sure to engage an accountability partner. It’s your safety valve.

You’ll hardly go wrong that way.

And The Immigrant Life community is also here for you as a safety net. Be a part of us.

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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