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Back to the Basics: Immigrant Budgeting with Ritchard Dong at Thrive Conference 2021

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Attend Thrive Conference: https://thriveconference.ca

“Money is like water in a leaky bucket; no sooner there, it begins to drip.”

That was John Updike’s best description of money. John was an American novelist and poet. This is perspective but what is your experience?

Personally, I find that to be true without disciple and that discipline is budgeting. This is what led me to thousands of dollars in debt years ago. Unfortunately, you can’t make much progress without budgeting.

This is a final call to attend the financial session on budgeting tomorrow. It is especially important to be there if you work multiple jobs – you’ll be surprised by what our speaker will reveal about this.

Attend Back to the Basics: Immigrant budgeting. Join Ritchard Dong as he leads us into very rudimentary but important practices regarding budgeting. You will have the opportunity to ask questions live during the session.

Who is Ritchard Dong?

Ritchard, a first-generation Canadian is the Founder and President of Alexander Khan & Co. Accounting & Tax Services Inc. based in Calgary. 

His firm is a Calgary based business that has been providing services to Small Business and Personal Taxes across Canada since 1999. 

Ritchard is a qualified accountant and enjoys volunteering as a financial literacy facilitator at a number of immigrant-serving organizations in Calgary.

Register here: https://thriveconference.ca

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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