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Are You Prepared To Lose Your Job?

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Did that headline draw you in? You must definitely be wondering what kind of headline this is. 

“Lose my job?”

“No way!”

Let’s get real friends!

Unless you are trained in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Automation, losing that job that adds so much value to you, may become your reality.

This article and the linked podcast aren’t here to scare you. But to tip you on what is coming. That is, if it isn’t here already!

To the unprepared, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation and Blockchain could be an apocalypse! It is unfortunate that many aren’t aware that things are changing and changing fast. 

If you remember, Barack Obama in his farewell speech on January, 2017 said:

“The next wave of economic dislocation won’t come from overseas. It would come from the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good, middle-class jobs obsolete.”

Many of us are piling up student loans on a course that could be meaningless in real life and real time.

As you already know Immigrant Life Podcasts (ILP) attempt at easing the paths to thrive, for all, whether you are an immigrant or not. In this crisp ILP episode you will hear insightful and instructive information on what is coming and how you can prepare yourself to face this new wave of change.

Join the host, Dapo Bankole, as he shares his invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge. In this episode, he provides you the insights and re-direction that you need to give thoughts to, to stay relevant in the times ahead. 

You also get to hear another talent of Dapo – as a poet! He shares the poem he wrote in 2015 titled “Pick Yourself Up!” He was pushed to do just that after he lost his senior position job and he had to reinvent and reinvigorate himself which this poem has a role in doing. You never know what life can throw at you. Make the effort to constantly learn and stay relevant. 

Happy listening!

Click here to listen to this podcast and many more insightful episodes.

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