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Are You Making These Farting Mistakes?

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Time for some fun.
Let me share this very embarrassing incident that happened to me. I once had the urge to release a quantity of wind in the most embarrassing circumstance. I was visiting my to-be parents-in-law for the first time. I kept a close watch on what I was doing all day. I had skipped lunch when I thought I was feeling some flatulence. By evening, I felt better, so I went ahead for my now-famous date. Everything went well, just the way I wanted. Dinner was great, and I was relaxing at the lounge in the company of my prospective in-laws. Then came the air! Try as hard as I did, I couldn’t control the ridiculous escape of fart, with all of them in attendance. Boy, where was I going to hide? That episode has since become the butt of our family jokes.

What an inglorious topic you must think this is. Not so! At least Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the US thought it a worthy topic when, in 1871, he wrote a letter to a Royal Academy about Farting! (you may want to read the letter online to understand why he had to write it)

As with every incident that occurs, I try to draw lessons from it. 

Farting lessons? 


So, what were the farting mistakes I made? And what did I learn? 

Here goes. So that you don’t. 

  • Holding a fart in the hope that it will go away (It could be the reason why you now suffer dementia or forget things so easily now)
  • Eating some fart fuel like beans, dairy products, etc. before going to a public place (Oh, my! It’s gonna be bomb-a-stick!)
  • Chewing gum to stop the gas (Don’t you know that’s another fart fuel?)
  • Farting in an enclosure like an elevator, a cubicle, a car (The smell stays longer than it should)
  • Moving from one point to another immediately after farting (What were you thinking? Of course, the gas goes with you!)

This article is linked to the Immigrant Life podcast, Episode 0023

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