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An Immigrant’s Dilemma

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When did you decide to move from the place you call home to a new place?

What were the deciding issues for you?

There are an infinite number of factors that push you out from one place and an infinite number of issues that pull you into another place. What were those? 

How did the new place make you feel? Did it overwhelm you? 

Did it overwhelm you? 

What were the most striking experiences? 

Did you move for yourself? Or for your children?

Are you happy with your decisions?

Do you rue over what you’ve left behind?

What issues matter to you? 

Is it the economy and finances? 

Is it the freedom of an individual that’s valuable? 

Are personal goals important? Or does collective dream take precedence?  

Are your “sacrifices” of living your land and settling into a new land bearing fruit like you imagined?

How has your integration to your new country and its community been? 

Do you go beyond the familiar to mingle with communities that are not your cultural, religious or typical social groups? 

Are you secure enough to ask the uncomfortable questions? 

Does the things/life you have in your new country outweigh what you had in your country of origin?

Are you worried about missing the connections with your culture?

Do you feel connected to the culture in your new country?
What do you like about the politics, society and culture? 

What don’t you like? 

Do you worry about your legacy? 

Or that your children would not speak your language?

That they might not like your food.

That they will probably question your parenting.

You will probably question your decision at times.

But who does not? 

There will always be – what ifs. What if you did not migrate? What if you did not take that job? Or what if you had not forgone that opportunity? 

What is your dilemma? 

What are your issues? 

What would you do differently if you were to migrate now? 

The Immigrant Life is your platform to talk, exchange experiences, learn from one another, provide support and forge an alliance. It is your platform to collectively find comfort and contribute constructively to the new place that has provided you so much. 

Join us. Let’s be an ally in this journey!

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