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An Immigrant’s Dilemma over Corporate Canada

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Ottawa, we have a problem!

Steve arrived in Canada as an experienced personal banking officer in 2016.

It didn’t take long before he started work at one of the four big banks in Canada.

He is a financial advisor.

He loves his job; he has the experience and he is now well respected in the bank.

Steve is married to Janice.

Janice was pregnant with their second child when they made Canada their first home.

Clara was barely nine months in 2016

But now, she is blessed with a little brother.

Both Clara and her brother are a beautiful sight to behold especially when they are not quarreling.

But sometimes, Janice feels like running away.

From home.

From her children.

From her marriage.

From everything.

She was a highly experienced Actuarial Scientist back in Norway.

Unfortunately, moving to Canada cost her, her career.

Her freedom.

Her ability to contribute to her family’s finances.

Now, things are tough.

She has never been able to work since her arrival in Canada.

The kids need attention so only Steve has been working.

Unfortunately, even though Steve loves what he does and works at a big four, his income can barely sustain them.

They have no savings. None.

But they drive a fairly reliable 2001 Nissan.

Steve’s job at the bank is glory without substance.

So, he works a second job.


Uber Eats.

Just so that they can meet up with their bills.

But Janice is dying emotionally.

Steve being away for up to 18hrs a day is not helping.

She is emotionally drained, and the kids are disconnected from Steve.

The dilemma.

Steve’s part time Uber job now makes him more than what his financial advisor role pays.

With Janice being at a breaking point, Steve has made up his mind.

He is leaving the corporate world.

And even though Janice is a little worried about the decision to leave the bank, he has dropped his letter of resignation.

Friday, July 9 will be his last working day as a financial advisor.

He is going to work just 35hrs a week as a ‘Uber Eats’ driver.

And that will give him more time for his family.

And earn him more money than the bank job that claims about 50hrs a week of his life.

Corporate Canada, we have a problem.

Kelowna, 2021.

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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