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A Recipe for Living – Trust!

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Don’t put your trust in any man. Trust what transcends you.

I know this sounds cliché, but it can’t be truer, and it requires continual emphasis.

I don’t know about you, but for me trust is the most critical piece of any relationship.


When I can count on the strength of someone or something, that for me is trust.

For an inanimate thing, it is reliability.

For a living thing, it means you are certain that the being in question will perform a certain way most times.

For a human being it is the same, and it starts with words.

Family. We grew up to trust our family but first our mothers. We couldn’t even help it. It’s the way life works.

For a spouse; without trust, there is no relationship or at best, that relationship is on life support.

Work. At the end of the day, the primary reason an employer hires you is that there is implicit trust in you – to deliver, at least.

Canada. The Canadian government has trust in the potentials of immigrants like myself to bring immense value to the economy and the society.

Business to business or business to consumer. It is trust. When we exchange value in form of services, products, and currency, it’s because of trust.

So, trust is a BIG deal.

In all of these, the basis of all human relationships is our words.

Our words are our bond. Verbal or written.

It doesn’t matter, it’s binding. It is the basis for trust.

But in reality, the people we trust have their own limits.

When someone commits to something, oftentimes there is a lot more that they don’t know about so putting all your trust in them like they can never fail is a recipe for mental dissonance.

I had an HR manager reassure me that I was not going to be part of those to be let go and that I should perish the thought.

But this person issued me my termination notice.

Because there is a higher up who calls the shots ultimately.

I had a senior executive tell me we needed to negotiate my planned exit from an organization.

But this person got let go before the end of the same day after asking me for a negotiation opportunity.

An executive reassured her team that no one on the team would lose their job.

This person was the first to be let go.

Then others got hit.

“I will always love you” is what he said, times without number.

But he was the first to ask out of the relationship.

“I will see you tomorrow” were her last words.

But she died in her sleep.

These are true stories. 

These people are not bad people.

They had good intentions and plans.

But their knowledge is limited, and they also trust in higher ups who don’t always show them all the cards on the table.

In simple words, they are mere mortals.


Human failings.

And you can’t even trust yourself.


Put your trust in what transcends you.

Whatever that is.

This is an unadulterated truth.

It is a recipe for living.

As always, The Immigrant Life community is here for you. We are a community of imperfect immigrants supporting one another in the journey of integration! Join us.

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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