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7 Lessons from the School of Adversity

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Life teaches us some lessons that may be contrary to previous learnings and doctrines. In that moment, we take our own lessons, we get up, dust off and build our lives resiliently.

Shall we take a trip down memory lane and kind of re-enact the training we got from dear parents. Parents are so good at what they do – parenting, that all energy is targeted at raising the most outstanding child, ever!

Parents are lovers and it is this love that makes them envision only good for their children. So, they train with a template or blueprint in mind – the gateway to success and the pathway to failure. Each route has dos and don’ts with accompanying rewards and consequences.

These are some of the random instructions that parents give to children:

“Work hard!”
“Be studious!”
“Be excellent in your studies!”
“Graduate with outstanding results.”
“Get a good job that pays your bills, and you won’t have much to worry about.”
“Be the best at what you do.”
“Believe in God.”
“Pray to God.”
“Be good to people and they or life will in turn be good to you”
“Hard-work is the medicine of poverty”

The list goes on. You know each parent has those advice for their children that they believe and hope that would help them in the path to have a good life.

We all know. We can relate. The instructions are meant to guide children through until success is attained. Parents mean well to the extent of promising to always be there when you need them. And they usually are. Thank God for parents. Chances are that many of us would have gone astray without such parenting instructions. They light up our lives.

But life happens!

In-between expectation and reality, anything could go wrong, as they often do. And more often than not, we are usually unprepared. Our training and education are what take us through in at these critical periods. We might be left hanging and then we, ourselves, have to start the process of rebirth and relearn. And we soon find out that it takes more than education to excel.

Life then teaches us some lessons that may be contrary to previous learnings and doctrines. So, we take our own lessons as we get up, dust off and build our lives.

No matter what or who prepares you for this journey of life, preparing yourself to face anything and everything will make you better suited.

  • Challenges are a part of life. Challenges will come – big or small, significant or meaningless – after all, roses do have thorns.
  • That lesson that if you are good to people, they’ll be good to you. Well, that might not hold true all the time. Even when you’re good to people, they may still misunderstand you and mistreat you.
  • Hard work, endless plans and prayers might not make your dreams come true. But be sure to pick yourself up and emerge stronger every time you fall.
  • Friends and family will betray you, belittle your passion and fight your dreams. Just know that this can happen.
  • Even when you don’t steal from or rob others, people will steal from and harm you one way or the other.
  • You’ll continuously face fear as long as you live. You’ll soon learn that courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the ability to confront your fear.
  • If you’re not mentally prepared, no matter the plan that you have, life will bring you to your knees.

It doesn’t matter how good you are. It doesn’t matter how good natured or how well prepared you are. Life will come at you. And when it does, how will you respond? Will you set up a pity party, or go on the blame-game lane? Or will you rise up and face whatever comes your way with a positive attitude, believing that “this too shall pass.”
Resilience is the key in life. No matter what comes your way, bounce back and catch up with life.

Listen to Episode 61 of the Immigrant Life Podcast.

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