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30 Amazing Women Facts you Should Know

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Hope you aren’t already thinking: Oh my, here they come with all the usual stuff about women!


This isn’t your everyday post about women.

And just so you know.

We’re about hitting you with the most informative, compelling, hilarious, and off-the-cuff compilation about women you’ve ever come across.

The Simply amazing facts!

Did you know…?

  1. Women are naturally sensitive to high-pitched sounds. It is the reason they never miss the cries of an offspring.
  2. The female brain is 99% smaller than the male counterparts. However, the number of female brain cells is not the same as men’s but, wait for this! It is more intricately hard-wired. Meaning the brain of women outdo men in memory. Boom!

Little wonder…

3. A woman was the first computer programmer the world ever had, by name Adam Lovelace. Do you remember COBOL, that high level programming language? Another woman, Dr Grace Murray, developed it.

4. Women blink 19 times in one minute as against the 11 times a man does that.

5. The immune system of women is stronger than that of men. Their immune system may have developed over time because of giving birth and caring for their offspring.

6. By extension, women are more likely to survive traumatic injury than men because of their stronger immune system.

7. Talk about girl power. Women can last about 75% longer than men in stamina exercises, studies have shown. Not only that, their muscles and tendons are more elastic, resulting in greater flexibility than men. Unbelievable!

8. This fact isn’t too surprising… Women are better at multitasking than men. I bet we can all relate to that.

9. Menstrual cramps, also called dysmenorrhea, can be just as painful as suffering from a heart attack. Millions of women suffer from it every month yet they remain alive and are more likely to live longer than men! That’s unbelievable!

Now to the hilarious facts…

10. Women fart more than men do, it’s been found. So, the next time you hear or perceive one, check before looking strangely at the next guy around. Oops!

11. More women wish they could chest-bump, like men. Who knew men were envied along that line?

12. Talking about inequality – Women speak some 13,000 more words than men in one single day. Seems women simply love to talk, talk, and talk some more.

13. You’d better believe this: when women say they aren’t pretty enough, 98% of them are simply fishing for compliments. Men take note.

14. An average woman eats approximately 1.8kg (4 pounds) of lipstick in her lifetime. That’s gross!

15. Women can check out their reflections on just about any shiny surface – spoons, mirrors, windows, their own shadows, and even bald guys’ heads! Gosh! How do they even do that?

16. Not all women bathe everyday just because they smell so nice. What are deodorants and perfumes for, anyway?

17. A woman feels awkward without her handbag. And, still talking about handbags, searching for a lost key in a lady’s handbag is worse than searching inside a black hole. Ouch!

18. A woman can keep a secret…for an approximate time of 47 hours! And that’s so long, isn’t it?

19. You just cannot understand women. Neither do they themselves.

The sad facts…

20. A woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth every 90 seconds just because many women are not given the proper education they need. 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries.

21. Physical or sexual abuse of women during pregnancy is more common than you think. 1 in 4 women experience it.

22. Between 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked globally each year. Unfortunately, most are women and children.

23. Over 60 million girls worldwide are child brides, married off at a staggering rate of 33,000 a day! The girls were married off before the age of 18.

24. 130 million girls are out of school; half a billion women can’t read while there are more attacks on girls’ schools than boys’ schools.

25. Girls aged 5-14 spend 550 million hours on unpaid care work every day, 160 million more hours than boys their age spend.

26. 44% of girls between ages 15 to 19 think it is alright for a husband to beat his wife. And that’s a global fact, unfortunately.

27. Of the more than 125 million people in need of humanitarian assistance worldwide, over 75% are women and children. The reason? Women often stay behind during conflict and natural disasters to take care of children and family members.

28. Globally, at least 35% of women have suffered from gender-based violence. Its prevalence sharply increases during emergencies.

29. Nowhere on earth do girls and women have the same opportunities as boys and men. Along the line, gender often becomes a factor.

The future seems bright from this point.

To the more optimistic facts…

30. 70% fewer mums could die in childbirth if they at least had primary education.

66% fewer child marriages could happen globally if all girls had a chance to attend secondary schools.

US$28 trillion could be generated if all gender gaps in work and society were closed.

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We all need to fight for every girl to have the future she deserves, else, we’d be placing a ceiling on how far humanity can progress. We can lend our voice, for starters, and put our money and effort where our mouth is. We can demand from those with power and resources to invest in the girl child and women generally. The prosperity of the girl child and woman seeks to be the prosperity of all.

From the Editor:

Send to us more women facts that we all can share. And should you have a way The Immigrant Life community can make the world a better place for the girl child and women, we would be glad to hear from you at thrive@immigrantlife.ca.

October is Women’s History Month in Canada. We hope to create some memories around it. Join the community to discuss how women can be celebrated at https://immigrantlife.ca/community.

Written by Yinka Bakare

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