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12 Fun Facts About Canada

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The name Canada is a derivative of the Indian word, kanata, which means village or any settlement.

Just so you know, Canada is home to so many historical sites like the Niagara Falls, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Quebec, Montreal etc. Today we are going to talk about some fun facts about Canada that don’t get the spotlight in the world of web but you understand as you start building a life here.

For us immigrants, many things we see here would be unusual and things that don’t quite get the international attention but are interesting and that makes Canada unique.

Do you know?

Having pets can save you some money which would have gone into paying tax. Want to know why? Dog food and cat food are tax-deductible! So, go for the love of your life if you’re a cat or dog lover, and save some money while you’re at it!

Canadians love to punctuate their sentences with an elongated h-e-y or ask questions ending with e-h? Ever wondered why? It’s so ingrained that no one can provide the actual history behind it. But, h-e-y… see what I mean, eh? That’s the way we roll!

Canada’s literacy rate is above 99%.
That’s almost 100%. How impressive is that. That’s what most nations in the world aspire for and here, we are. There already!

Canadians love to apologize.
In 2009, the Apology Act was passed in Ontario which states: “an apology is simply an expression of sympathy or regret and not an admission of guilt, fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or action relate”. This makes apology inadmissible in court.
Let no one take us for a ride because we say “sorry” even when it is not our fault.

The next fact is truly awe-mazing!

Santa Claus is a Canadian!
In 2012, Canada’s immigration minister revealed that Santa Claus was indeed a Canadian citizen. He suggested also that this was responsible for the red and white suit won by Santa. Good to know that Santa is ours and we are generous enough to lend him to the world and send out gifts to all those who await his arrival.

Children can use this address to send letters to Santa: Santa Claus, North Pole, HOH OHO, Canada.

Canada is only about 10% inhabited.
This, even though it is the 2nd largest nation in the world after Russia. It has only 11% of America’s population even though it beats America in size. Of that population, 90% of Canadians live within 500 kilometers of the southern United States border.

The name Canada is a derivative of the Indian word, kanata, which means village or any settlement. When French explorer, Jacques Cartier was travelling with Indian youths in 1535, they used the word to describe Stadacona, a village where the present Quebec city is situated today. Cartier then used Canada to refer to the entire surrounding area, and in 1547, Canada appeared on maps.

In a restaurant, we don’t shout or call out for a waiter.
We simply wait for our turn and for that eye contact with the person to give him a sign or politely say ‘excuse me’ when the person is near you.

Canadians give and expect tips.
Waiters at restaurants expect tips from the people they serve. It is a part of our culture. Canadians usually tip 15-20% of the cost of a meal as a general standard and it is the main reason that eatery joints don’t add a service charge in the bill.
Tipping isn’t only for waiters. Taxi drivers, barbers, hair stylists, valet packers, also expect similar tip for their services.

Canadians love Mac and Cheese
We eat it more than anyone else in the world. So, if you hear Kraft dinner, what we’re simply referring to is Mac and cheese.

Still on food…

Canadians drink more fruit juice per capita than any other nation in the world.

In Churchill Manitoba, nobody locks their houses or cars and that’s in case of a polar bear attack. Churchill has a large population of polar bears, it’s the reason it has only few residents.

Canada has more fun facts that define our culture, identity and our raison d’etre. We are simply unbeatable in our uniqueness. Hope you’ve had fun exploring the Canadian world with us.

Merci Beaucoup!

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